Picture of Thomas W Craig IIIThomas W Craig III

Since the year 2000 I have been the co-owner and the programmer for T.R. Enterprises Inc. a small computer software company in Idaho. In the mid to late 1990’s and in early 2000, I worked in the IT department of a warehouse distributing company, working with Windows, Apple/Mac, the IBM AS400 and S36/38 mid-range systems.

The computer software company that I co-own has been primarily based on one software package. I developed a specialty or niche software with a registration process, upgrade process, and update process featuring a complete web CMS (Content Management System) with a shopping cart and credit card processing. This included a CSM (Customer Service Management) system solution for running the day to day operations of the business. I was able to develop a seamless automated system so that the primary duties of the employees remain in the customer service sector. We provide technical support helping and training people of every skill level on how to install and use our software. Our company has also assisted other businesses in our niche industry to develop websites with dynamic search solutions.

I have thousands of hours of development time using many different programming languages. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, Jquery, ASP, PHP, SQL, Sqlite, XML, Json, ODBC, VB, RPG 400, CL, and DDS, and more. I have also developed applications for the Android phone environment as well as several older Palm mobile devices. I am also familiar with various bar code technologies such as Symbol and Zebra. I have used bar code engineering for warehouse inventory, point of sale, and product life cycle tracking.

Although I am a code wrangler at heart, I am familiar with many aspects of web servers and small networking systems. I have setup, installed and managed many networks, ones that have included dedicated firewalls, Wi-Fi systems, Network Attached Storage units, PVR systems, web servers, ftp servers, and CCTV systems.